Passion for property

15 October 2019
Lower contribution of development activities
for third parties
10 September 2019
Mobimo opens Mattenhof
in Kriens
2 August 2019
Mobimo posts solid results for the
first half of 2019
12 July 2019
Mobimo strengthens its property management business
4 April 2019
Mobimo opens the Aeschbachquartier
in Aarau

Passion for living spaces. That’s what sets Mobimo apart. Its portfolio and development projects make it one of Switzerland’s most important real estate companies.
Daniel Ducrey, CEO

Mobimo & Art: "My elastic eye" by Raphael Hefti

Raphael Hefti's new work for the Mattenhof in Lucerne South can probably be described as a cosmological natural event rather than a man-made work. Because “My elastic eye" confronts the viewer like no other work with our position within the solar system.

Countless microscopically small glass beads were applied to a specially developed floor covering, which refract the sunlight into the spectral colors and thus set a holographic, circular rainbow aside the observer's shadow.

The sun is constitutive for the shaping of the artistic intervention, it accompanies our shadow with every step through the area. The reception of the work is an extremely intimate one - the effect is only visible to the beholder himself, the colored wreath at head height of the viewer remains hidden from others.

This is countered by the design of the sculpture: the application of the material takes place in concentric circular paths that extend over the entire surface of the area.

Thus, Hefti’s intervention unites the various buildings, squares and angles of the quarter into a place for shared experiences and expands the architecture by a sensual factor.

Within ten years, Mobimo has completely turned the industrial district upside down.
Aargauer Zeitung, 5 April 2019


Mobimo maintains a broadly diversified portfolio and an attractive development pipeline in Switzerland’s most important economic hubs.

Site development at Mobimo


Mobimo shares are characterised by steady value growth and regular, attractive dividends.

Earnings per share in CHF
Change over previous year: +6.61%



In 2019 again, Mobimo's EPRA Sustainability Best Practice Recommendations Report earned the association’s highest distinction, the EPRA sBPR Gold Award. Mobimo’s sustainability report also received the Gold Award for the 2019 financial year again.


You’re looking for a challenge. You’re looking for responsibility. You’re looking for the next level in your career. Look no further than Mobimo.

I want to reduce fear of the unknown.
Agnieszka Pieta, Club d’Art Contemporain
Les Garages, Lausanne

Press releases

October 15, 2019

Mobimo Holding AG: Mobimo expects development activities for third parties to make a lower contribution to results in 2019


September 9, 2019

Mobimo opens Mattenhof in Kriens

The journey that began in 2007 with a vision of an urban development at a very well connected location connection is complete: Mattenhof is a reality.  More

August 2, 2019

Mobimo Holding AG: Mobimo posts solid results for the first half of 2019


July 12, 2019

Mobimo strengthens its property management business: Head of Property Management takes seat on the Executive Board


April 2, 2019

General Meeting approves all motions proposed by the Board of Directors | Peter Schaub takes over as Chairman of the Board of Directors


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