Bahnhofstrasse 102 (Relais 102)

Year of construction1975
Value CHF million36
Floor space in m213,220
Year of refurbishment2019
Bahnhofstrasse 102 (Relais 102)
5000 Aarau

The commercial building at Bahnhofstrasse 102, named Relais 102, is right next to Aarau railway station, where platform 1 extends out. The property borders onto railway tracks to the south and Bahnhofstrasse to the north. It has excellent public transport links. The detached building, which dates back to 1975, has a footprint of approx. 49 by 55 metres, two basement levels, four full storeys and two attic storeys. The fifth floor has a communal zone with a terrace, catering facilities and meeting rooms that are available to all tenants. The rental space is used mainly for offices, and to a lesser extent for commercial space. In 2018, the technical equipment, the wet rooms and the general areas were comprehensively renovated.

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