Arts and culture welcome!

Impetus for a sustainable and open neighbourhood: the art event BIVOUAC resonates in the framework of the RASUDE Quarter development.

June 2021 was dedicated to BIVOUAC in the Rasude Quarter, not far from Lausanne station. The art event BIVOUAC was organised by the Labor Association and was an important element of the site’s interim use before the next steps of the larger La Rasude neighbourhood development. Thirteen artists and architects selected by a jury created a real “experimental laboratory” around artistic and urban issues. What makes a city? How does a city form its identity? What remains and what is fleeting? The interventions and installations attracted lots of visitors to the former mail distribution centre and allowed them to discover the
massive basement with its labyrinthine corridors that had never previously been open to the public. With concerts, clubs and films, BIVOUAC became an unforgettable experience and at the same time a prelude for things to come. Under the label “La Rasude acceuille” (La Rasude welcomes you), temporary events will continue to give life to the area, to give shape to the phase before the major transformation begins and to provide inspiration for a sustainable and open neighbourhood of the future.

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